Welcome to Bali Mantra

Bali Mantra is a relatively new company but we have carried a passion for quality and elegance for as long as we remember. The pieces we select, most of them jewelry were meticulously hand picked from thousands of amazingly beautiful pieces. We spend many long days and even nights finding the perfect pieces to bring within reach of our loyal customers.

It brings us great satisfaction when our customers discover a new piece to accent or enhance their style. We have a strict standard when it comes to quality. We make sure only the best reach our customers so you can be assured you are getting the best of the best from Bali Mantra.

Our standard means we stand by our selections. If you discover that one of your purchases is flawed or damaged during shipment we will gladly exchange your purchase within 14 days of the transaction.

Please be aware that all of our goods are hand made and there will be a few natural flaws (more like beauty marks) which actually are appealing to many of our customers. Our products are not made in factories by machines but are crafted by skilled hands with organic raw materials. These skilled craftsman expose the exotic beauty nature hides and it’s some of the most enchanting sights we are blessed to gaze upon.